Designed to Last

tabi is one of the most durable personal whiteboards on the market. It’s so durable,
only a diamond can scratch the surface.  Made through the fusion of porcelain
enamel to steel, tabi’s CeramicSteel surface is long-lasting, guaranteed not to
scratch or ghost. No matter how many times you clean your tabi dry erase board, the
surface won’t wear over time and its non-porous nature is resistant to bacteria. 

Not only is tabi durable, but the decorative and functional Calendar and Dot Grids are
printed onto the dry erase board surface with ceramic ink, so it will never lose its color. 
Rest assured; the design is just as durable as the surface itself.  

tabi is a product of PolyVision, a leading manufacturer of CeramicSteel surfaces used for
premium collaborative products and architectural cladding.

For more than 60 years, CeramicSteel has served as a premium surface for use in
collaborative spaces such as classrooms and corporate offices as well as architectural
products for public spaces. With a global presence in North America, South America,
Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, PolyVision provides customers with a
product that complements and enhances any space or environment.

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